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Welcome to our very first "beta" attempt to launch the Wells International School Ed Tech Professional Development plan.

Learn what every 21st century teacher should know about how Educational Technology is integrated with all disciplines. Before applying or going to an interview with any school the Foundations lessons will prepare you for your career path.

"I need to thank you for the opportunity to participate in these lessons. The ones I have completed so far have been extremely interesting and informative, and have given me some great ideas for application in the classroom. The format is user-friendly and I am really enjoying the videos etc. I truly appreciate the time and work that has gone into creating these lessons." 
Grade 5 Teacher

You will first need to Register to this website if you haven't already.  Once registered, you can try your hand at any, or even all the courses.  They are all FREE for the time being.  So go ahead, click the buttons and start exploring.

Please remember that this website is in its BETA phase and as such we can't expect there to be no bugs.  However we welcome your feedback, so if you do find an issue, we would welcome and email from you, informing us what you faced.  We would also appreciate any feedback, even if you haven't found a bug to report!

email : vaughan(at) or gordon.c(at)


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